Feeding Friends is Fun

From the book


"Many people of my generation grew up in homes where cooking was usually a long and stressful process and we may have been turned off at an early age by the drudgery of it.

Many younger people have grown up with chilled, microwaveable foods; convenience foods interspersed with Mac Donald’s and Kentucky fried chicken or their imitators and have never examples of cooking as fun.

Too many people these days buy chilled foods and use the microwave in the mistaken belief that they are saving time. Many of the recipes in this book can be prepared and served inside half an hour. Some take as little as twenty minutes, and using fresh ingredients where available that are both tasty and healthy. Most women love men who cook for them, everyone enjoys good food, however simple that is prepared with love.

Always use fresh ingredients wherever possible and taste, taste, taste."


" dinner was pure theatre of seduction, and I learned a great deal from him that I put into practice very successfully over the years. I remember a woman once saying to him, “you just want to get me into bed,” and his reply was, “my dear, after dinner I much prefer armchairs.”


"We have all been affected by the economic crisis. If you take the trouble to learn a little bit about food and cooking and practise a few simple dishes, using quality fresh ingredients you will soon be preparing meals that are better than you would get at many restaurants, at a fraction of the price.




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Feeding Friends is Fun is purely narrative and contains no illustrations or photographs.

Feeding friends at home is  more fun and costs a lot less than eating in restaurants!